Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fall Leaves

No prizes for guessing where we went for our year end trip.

The kids wanted to ski. I wanted to relax. The husband just wanted no one to bug him so he can have a proper holiday so I guess Japan fits the bill for us! =p

This time round, we scheduled our trip to be slightly earlier than usual. And so that means we can catch the end of fall in Tokyo!!

There's something about the change in season. Fall happens to be my favourite of them all. The air is crisp. The rich dark hues that adorn that crowns of the trees. The fashion - Layering!! What's not to love?!

cajoled told everyone to make their way to Yoyogi Park one morning. We all got distracted once we stepped out of harajuku station. Oh look! There's a store selling ski wear. Omg! Gap has 50 percent off! A million and one distraction later, we managed to lull ourselves to the park (with a bunch of shopping bags, of course!)

Once we got there, the kids spotted a kiosk that sold random stuff and they found a ball! D didn't need much convincing so they got it and started kicking around.

We took some pictures and they turned out amazing.

And that was the start of our Tokyo days!

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