Thursday, November 27, 2014



It's been a while, hey??

A blink of an eye and here we are at November! This year has whizzed by in a way but yet I guess with growing Tweens (yes that includes you K!) the days can  be pretty long as well!

It's Thanksgiving today and I woke up today feeling very thankful for the life I have. Don't get me wrong. Not every day is rosy or smooth. There's solo parenting and there was a lot more school work this year. And then there's a side floral biz too. So it's been crazy busy this year. But yet in the scheme of things... I really can't ask for more.

I have three wonderful kids. Who are healthy and definitely feisty. (You know it when they are squabbling just fine!) A husband who works hard and tries his darnest to be there, give me time to do my stuff, travel to where I wanna go. Good friends who are there for the highs and low and family who will always have my back.

Maybe I'm really growing up. But it's so funny how it's the little things that matter these days. Everything else is just icing on this beautiful cake. 

And so the tree is up! And we made gingerbread man cookies last night. Korkor mixed the ingredients for the dough. I baked them and they all decorated them. Mei mei bossed her korkor to finish decorating her cookies so she can bring them to school today. ( and he actually obeyed and did 20 cookies for her!) 

She took them to school today and distributed them like a boss! 

It's really a good season of motherhood. I can't wait for our winter break to come but in the mean time! 

Happy thanksgiving guys!! Give someone you love a hug or even a call! xx

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