Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This month couldn't start on a better note with the first glorious bloom of sakuras in the old city of Kyoto.

It was our  first time seeing the tree lined white canopies flooding all over the city and canals, and I found myself stopping every couple of steps to breathe in the faint distinct scent of the flowers, as my husband keeps hurrying me along.

The significance of the moment is not lost on me. 

In fact, the start of the season has given me an opportunity to reflect on the going ons in our lives and I found myself thinking how we have been so distracted by the busy-ness and hectic runs of our daily lives. He has been busy with his work and side business. I have been swarmed under by the daily school runs, keeping track of their school stuff and just keeping the house in order. It was like we were running parallel races.

That was when I realised that my husband and I lost sight of what was important to us. And that is the foundation of our relationship - time spent just being us and being a team.

It all came to halt that one night when we both had an epiphany and the world almost came crushing down. But what a moment that was. Because after that night, we woke up and became "us" again. He started making time to come home early and helping out with their mandarin lessons and putting them to bed. We made time for movies and coffee.

I felt like we had our 'normal' back again.

And I now know that we have to make an effort to keep "checking in" or it's pretty easy for us to lose track of the direction we were going. 

And so it's the start of a new season again. 

Let's make it a good one.
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