Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Grading

My not so little man took his third violin grading yesterday. 

Like any mom, I worry whether he would get exam anxiety or if he would feel stressed about the process. 

But the fella surprised me.

You see, ever since they started lessons, all I wanted was for them to enjoy their classes. We have had our fair share of bumps along the way as they either changed teachers or when Jake swapped instruments and moved on to the piano. But the end goal was always to find a right teacher for them. Which I am happy to note that they are both really lucky to have. 

So back to the grading, he was quite irregular with his practise in the months leading up to the exam. But somehow in the last month, he really started putting in effort to master the songs and memorize his scales. ( I did tell him I love the songs he picked and I think that motivated him to want to play them better) It wasn't all easy but the songs started sounding really lovely. 

I was caught by surprise the determination this boy had. 

So when he got home yesterday, he quickly went to shower, changed into his concert outfit and immediately started running through his routine. 

Aiyoh... In that moment, I almost teared. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My baby was all grown up. 

I saw how calm and collected he was when he went in for his test. He absolutely did his best. I was very proud. 

Seeing that accomplished look on his face shows that he knew that all that hard work has paid off! 

And as for this mama here, phewz, one grading down. ( i was hoping there wouldn't be anymore but my son came out and said let's do grade 4 now?! O_O why don't we play some songs to expand your repertoire, kiddo?!!) 

So time for a short trip! ;)

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