Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Fleurs

I was at the floral uncle the other day and he had a huge selection of flowers in all kinds of pink hues. I am 'secretly' a lover of the colour pink. So I got really excited and started picking out all kinds of flowers in all varieties and ended up with the bunch that you see above.

One of my personal favourites is lilies. I find that they are simple and yet holds a grand presence whether it's paired with other blooms or just even on its own. This fuchsia pink lilies caught my eye and I had to have them (even though I just bought them last week as well)

I must admit that initially I didn't know what to do with them but I slowly started putting them in this vase that I had and it started taking its form. That's the thing with home arrangements, you slowly feel your way through the fleurs that you have and eventually you would have something that you really like. =) And I really really love the end results of this one. 

Happy Monday!



  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Hi, do you mind sharing where you get your flowers from? They are lovely! Thanks! Fiona

    1. Hi Fiona,

      I frequent the flower stall at Tiong bahru market. :) there's a good variety there to choose from. :) xx

  2. Kinda a side question. how do you (if you do) protect your wooden tabletop? I just bought a wooden top dining table made of walnut wood and i can't bear to eat on it! :) TIA

    1. Hi M,

      I'm not overly protective of it (I tried but my husband thought I was nuts) but I'm a place mat and coaster nazi. The kids know they need those before eating. Have you considered buying a plastic cover in the meantime to protect it?


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