Friday, February 28, 2014


It's Friday and my heart is absolutely singing!

Firstly, we survived our first week of CA (test week) for K and, second of all, school's out for the weekend for the boys. And I'm really relieved the former is over because it has been an intense fortnight of studying. It's hard making boys sit for a long period, especially when their instincts are always in play mode.

I was nagging him so much at one stage that I totally expected him to go "There she goes again." But, when I checked in on him one day when I was out,  I found him sitting through and doing the assignments that I threw at him. (There was quite a bit to go through.)

You know how there are scenes in your life when you acutely know that the paradigm has shifted and a change has happened? Well, this was one of those.

It made me pause and and  think. My heart ached a little as well because I saw my little boy being aware that he is now responsible for his own studies and grades. It totally shouted out "He's no longer a little boy!"

A part of me acknowledged that this is part of the growing process and he's really "growing up". And thus the heart ached. Some day I will have to let go but for now, I'm glad he's still at a stage where he listens to the things we tell him. I often ask D, "Do you think they know we love them?" And he's like "Don't be silly!! We do eeeevvverrrrything for them!"

I guess we are doing ok.

So we are taking it easy today and this weekend. There's a violin grading coming up soon. But you know, that's a story for another day. =)

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