Thursday, January 09, 2014

THAT Christmas Dinner

Just before we left for Japan, we celebrated an early Christmas with the guys at our place.

Looking back, it was a pretty crazy week. I had just returned from Hong Kong, been discharged from hospital and then it was just a couple of days before I cooked the entire dinner for our peeps. On the day itself, I had to chaperone Kate for a birthday party, as well.

Fortunately, everything went really well. I was very clear in my head what needed to be done and thank God, I managed to execute it. (I didn't exactly tell the husband what's on the menu because I knew he would cull it into half and tell me I'm insane to attempt it myself as he was too busy to help.)

The dinner was spectacular, if I may say so myself! We had turkey, roast pork, ham, roast potatoes, sweet potato and marshmallow pie. It was literally the works! I even surprised the husband! He can't quite believe I did all that!

At this stage of our lives, we are just so blessed to have the people we love around the table and celebrating the year, just before everyone left for their vacations. We laughed, played heads up (serious boys!! work on it! =p) and the kids got to open pressies after and they were so stoked to receive so many toys that they had on their wish lists. It was really Christmas for these little rugrats!!

So blessed to have family and friends whom we love for life. It's really a good life! And I am already missing December!!

It was quite funny that a week later, when we were in Niseko, Kate asked her korkor Jake, "Kor kor, it's Christmas! How come Santa didn't send our presents here?" To which, her korkor replied, "Meimei, we live in Singapore so our address is there. Of course, he sends it there!"

Anyway, here's the pictures from the night!

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