Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Of Lok Loks and Satay

Weddings are a lot of fun!

Especially when it requires a road trip (No jams!!) and an entire weekend of playing, resting and feasting. Win win win, can?

We hung out in the estate and swam the arvo away. The kids then had a run around in the playground before we went back for a house party.

The highlight?! A Lok Lok van! It was specially catered for the party by my dear friend's mom. It was honestly such an eye opener for the kids. Kayden loved the entire concept. He kept running back there for more sticks of goodness! (He's a foodie, can you tell?)

And there was a satay man too! 

Let's not forget the amazing decoration that R has put together for the event. She's painstakedly folded 400 over cranes for the party. And they were all so beautifully hung on a tree with ribbons. It's absolutely beautiful!

Now we kid that we will be back sooner than later for some hair treatment and to hang around the estate! =)

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