Friday, January 24, 2014


We love traveling with our kids.

We really like exposing them to different cultures, cuisines and just the love for exploring the world.

In a way, we really want to teach them to be travel savvy as well. Sometimes, there are unexpected scenarios that gets thrown in the mix as well and we adults learn just as much out of it as well.

This was our story.

In our last trip to Tokyo, we were walking back to the hotel when we popped into a convenience store to buy some bottles of water. D was walking a little behind with K, who suddenly had to stop to tie his laces. Next thing I knew, we were walking out of the store and towards the hotel when I noticed that K was not around. Immediately we hurried back to the hotel to look for him. And turns out, thankfully, the clever (but scared senseless) kid was there. 

Turns out, D thought he had signaled really clearly to his son that he's going into the store but K claims he didn't see that. So when he looked up and saw no one, he immediately thought he should hurry back to hotel. (With many tears and fear in his heart)

Words cannot describe how thankful we were to see him. And we were v v thankful he was able to remember what we said to him and the other two siblings about contingency plans should any one get lost.

Whenever we travel, we normally take public transport. In Japan, it was a lot of trains. So at the start of the trip, we would always tell the children various scenarios that could happen and what they are supposed to do, should they ever get separated by us.

For example.
  1. Remember the hotel name. 
  2. If you get left behind on the platform - Stay at the same spot and we will come back to get you.
  3. If you are in a train alone and the door closes - Alight at the next stop and we will take the train to you.
  4. If you are lost at the mall/outdoors - stay at the last spot where you are and we will come back to find you.
This has been our protocol and thus far, it seems to work. And we quiz them several times throughout the trip to double check.

Thankfully, the incidents are really rare but I find it's important for the kids to know what to do in the event they are alone. 

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