Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hello 2014!!

It's quite surreal that it's 2014!!!

I haven't been really diligent with updating this space because December was just busy busy to the max. 

I joined the husband on the tailend of his business trip to Hong Kong, and due to an infected pore, had an operation when I returned. But I had a good surgeon so I was up and running within 2 days and prepped up a Christmas dinner for my family and good pals before jetting off to the land of the rising sun with the kids and friends. Yup that was December!

And last night, on the final hours of 2013, we were at the hotel having a really nice dinner when I sat back and look around me and felt incredibly blessed. I have my kids who are all healthy and growing remarkably, my darling husband, my good friends around the table ( albeit short of one who's having a blast in Europe! Hi R!!!). It's always the company that matters. And we are in good hands, for sure.

In 2013, my boys are both in primary school. We were very busy with their academic curriculum and extra activities. Or rather I was. ;p Thankfully they've always loved school and so we never have any issues with them school wise. They are both active kids who still like to swim and play rugby. Both of them are inseparable and I spent much of the day telling them not to fool around so they can get work done!! 

The littlest had a change of school and she's made the most amazing friends there where we had so many play dates. In fact, their mummies are all such lovely peeps that we've become pals. She's her daddy's little gal who has him twirled around her pinkie. Slowly and surely she's moving away from being a little babe to one who's cheeky and opinionated. She's still very much in her princess phase but she is also a tomboy at heart especially when she plays with her korkors.

I feel we are in a different stage of parenthood now with the kids, especially the boys. As they grow edge closer towards teenagehood, we are slowly showing them how to manage the expectations the world has for them. Sometimes they get so carried away with the idea of growing up, we gotta remind them that they are still little and have so much more of the world to explore. 

I managed to find pockets of time to travel with my gals and D. We did travel to a lot of places in the last few months and I'd say, it's easy traveling with people who know you inside out. We have such a nice rhythm going. 

The husband has been the busiest amongst us. I loved that he had time to bring the boys for camp in November! Because he has been working so much in the last few months, the kids hardly saw him much. But when he's around, they certainly crowd around him with stories of their day. 

2013 was a pretty decent year for us! 

I've always been a glass half full kinda person so I count my blessings every day for the life I have and the people I share it with! All that I need in my life I already have so anything else is really a bonus! 

Too many new things are happening in 2014 so I'm glad we have time to regroup and relax before we kick off the new year fresh. 

Happy New Year, everyone! 

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