Monday, November 25, 2013

Host with the Most

I was out having high tea with the gals yesterday and was lucky enough to have a girlfriend coming over to watch the boys.

At 7 and 8, these boys are pretty self reliant and independent. We could technically leave them home without supervision and know they would be ok and not do things to hurt themselves (although I do have a helper at home.) But, yes, this was part of my parenting plan. Having kids who can look after themselves and be safety savvy.

So, after I got home, my friend regaled me with tales of how the boys were helping her look after her little one year old and they even offered her food and drinks intermittently throughout the day. 

I laughed in amusement and amazement when she said that. 

They were playing host! Lol! 

I guess, over the years, they've picked up  these skills from observing what I do when we have guests. It made me so proud, I'd tell ya. :) I really like that they are looking out for the little one and they are gracious and considerate hosts. 

If you know me, good social skills matter a lot too. Especially in scenarios when they are on their own. Good manners are always important, in all aspects. =)

A good reminder for me to never unestimate the power of observation in kids. :) And a good day to count my blessings!

Happy Monday, all! xx


  1. They are such sweeties! You've obviously taught them well Pam! Give yourself a pat on the back :)

  2. awwww look at ryan!! :) but you've done well hon! the boys are delightful!!!


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