Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mid Week Thoughts

Oh hello end of October! 

Seriously where did the year go? 

These two days has been such a mixture of the good and the bad. 

The bad being getting the back of my car bumped by a poor lady who was so freaked out that her husband had to deal with the insurance claims instead. Surprisingly, Bubba was calmer than her even though she was in the car with me when that happened. I felt so bad for her that I had to calm her down when we were exchanging papers.

So that has transpired into a series of visits to the car workshop and time spent dealing with claims and all but that's all done and the car is being fixed as we speak so hopefully we can get it back before the weekend.

And the good?! (I always love the good)

Since my vitasoy post, I've been receiving a few more packets from either son these few days. Such a lovely pick up treat at school pick up. 

And we had a massive birthday party over the weekend for Bubba. She's turned 4! Can you believe it? I can't but I'll save that for another day. 

We followed up with a smaller rainbow Hello Kitty party in school on Monday. She was so stoked when we showed up with cupcakes and balloons!! I love seeing the expression on her face! xx

Exams are also finally over so yay for that! Hello holidays!!

And in the midst of the car drama and all, we have been spending so time feasting and celebrating birthdays with our dearest friends, having daily coffee catch ups with our favourite peeps at our favourite coffee joint, checking out new spaces (more on that) and just loving life at the moment. 

It's really the moments that count, isn't it? 

I am feeling very very blessed to be surrounded by people who love us and whom we adore back.

Happy hump day, everyone!!

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