Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Of Sunny Days and September Holidays


That is always a love affair between the our family and its sunny shores. Mention the word and immediately the tiny ears would pop up and eager eyes would look at us with anticipation.

My kids love a good chill out vacation. Throw in a beach, good food and a whole bunch of swimming and they are in absolute heaven. Bali is great because the food is excellent and well affordable. The coffee is decent and there are plenty of sun and sand for an afternoon spent. Plus, if you want to shop for beachwear and home stuff, this is the place to be.

This time round, we rented a three bed room villa (Not that we needed all three bed rooms but it was a fantastic deal!)  in Seminyak, which is our favourite spot to stay in Bali. The location was fantastic. It was so close to most cafes that we frequent like Biku, Petitenget and Sea Circus. Potato Head was a three minute walk. So, needless to say, we saved a little on taxis.

The mornings were always excellent as the kids would wake up and slip on their swimming trunks and costume and just get into the pool for a bit of a splash. It was brilliant and easy, since the boys were able swimmers and K was not afraid of water. We would then change and leave for breakfast in a cafe near by. Which is always always good!

Man! I can get used to island life. I'll put together a guide on what we ate and do next. We always try to do new things every trip so the list will be different in the post.

But for now, here are some pictures of the villa and kids, of course.

You can read our past Balinese trips here. 

The water baby

The three tykes are awesome, when they don't fight, that is!

Milo by the pool
Shooting her korkor!

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  1. will bookmark your Bali posts! they always seem so fun and filled with interesting places.

    where do you find pretty swimwear for the kids? i can't seem to find any for Teanne at her current age.


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