Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jake Turns 7 - School Celebration

Jakeyboo turned 7 at the end of August! 

It was a busy week of tests in school so we had a belated celebration in school for him. 

This boy is nuts about superheroes and the avengers. So it wasn't a difficult decision on what the party theme would be. It was pretty fun putting together all the decor for him, albeit it being mad hectic cos everything was done only a week prior.

I bought some Avengers prints online and we decorated all the goody bags with them. And as a treat, we sewed superhero masks for the boys! (which unfortunately we didn't manage to see them put on.) The results were stellar! I don't think I've heard so many gasps as they strolled into the canteen. It really made my day. =)

Am not quite sure how his teacher handles 30 boys because they were all such a lively bunch. Thankfully, they were happy with the food we brought and were even so polite when they asked for cake.

Jake had the loudest birthday song sang for him and he was all smiles when he went round the table to see the set up. He was most pleased that all these were set up for him. Makes it all worth it to see the joy on his face. =)

At the end of the party, some kids came forward and asked if they could have some superheroes cut out to bring home and so we distributed most of them before packing up. Boys really do love their superheroes huh? I know mine absolutely had his dream day that morning.

Happy birthday my dreamer boy! =) 


  1. What an awesome Avengers party! Love those decor, the superhero masks and the whole set up in the school canteen! Blessed 7th Jake! :D


    I'm still keeping one of those photobooth props from Bev's Carter's party. Heh!

  3. Wow! Love what you did for the party! Anyway, from experience, (I taught in an all boy's school for 6 over years) boys are always polite when it comes to asking for food. Their tummies are very important to them!


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