Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bake Shop, Jiyugaoka

I am definitely in wanderlust mode this week. 

With school running at a high intensity in the lead up towards exams,  I have been trying to find pockets of time to sneak away at the blog or just catching up on reading. So indulge me as I dig into my memory pockets as I recount some of my favourite places during my trips.

Tokyo has grown to be one of our favourite cities. (I should know la, I've been back 3 times in a year!) There is everything to love about it. The shopping, the food, the culture, the people. We always feel very safe when we are there and there are new places that we discover each trip. I am missing Tokyo a fair bit this week, actually.

So when I was there with my friends in May, we spent a day getting lost in the streets of Jiyugaoka. (Random fact: Did you know Jiyugaoka is one of the highly ranked suburbs that Tokyo women wants to live in?) 

Before we went a little crazy shopping for homeware, we hopped into the Bake Shop for Sunday brunch. 

I chanced into this adorable bakery cafe accidentally on Tokyo Eats. I knew immediately that this was where I would bring them for brekkie. After walking around a little, we finally found it. It is on the fourth floor of a small building (IDEE is on the ground floor) so unless you are in the know, chances are, you won't stumble upon it accidentally.

The menu was pretty comprehensive with both brunch and lunch options. And, more importantly, it comes in English and there is a server who speaks English too!! After being starved of proper western menu stuff, all of us gravitated towards anything eggy on the menu. I was quite pleased with my cup of latte and I know my girlfriend bought some of their baked goods and savoured every bit of it.

The service staff were polite but firm in enforcing their policy of no prams. So if you were to bring a little one along, you gotta park your pram on the ground floor of the building. Oh and also, make ressies well in advanced or be prepared to wait. Just like how we did for an hour and a bit.

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