Thursday, September 26, 2013

A night at Brasserie Gravoche

September turned out to be rather busy in this household. I haven't really seen the husband much at all. He's been busy with his work and new project. That all we get is just a few words in between him coming home and me leaving for my workout and me returning to him leaving for entertaining.

Thankfully last Saturday, we managed to sneak in a date at Brasserie Gravoche. We'd always walked past this place after dining at Teppei and its classic Parisian fit out keeps calling out to me. Francophile, or what?! So I've made a mental note to return.

Unfortunately we made last minute ressies, so we got seats at the high table near the bar. No matter but we were moved to the main dining hall after our entrees, thanks to the kinda maĆ®tre dame. 

So that night, in the midst of all that wine and food, we sat, held hands and just talked. Random stuff. Important stuff. Kids stuff. Everything came pouring out. 

It was kinda therapeutic, in a way that only your spouse can hear the true words you wanna say, even when nothing is said at all. I guess no one can truly know your heart more than the man who has been with you for 11 years.

It's moments and not milestones that build the foundations of a relationship. 

I am glad that we are where we are today. 


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    what, after 3 kids, and where you are in your marriage, you're my hero! :)

    1. Aww thanks babe. Our mantra is a good marriage would benefit the parenting of our kids. =) So make time for date nights!

  2. you guys make a really good partnership in marriage and parenthood!

    1. aww thanks babe! i guess with kids we always have to sneak in time to catch up! =) xx


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