Monday, August 05, 2013

Strawberry Fields

One of the fun bits about visiting the States in spring is the bounty of berries that are all ready for picking. 

There wasn't even a question of not visiting a strawberry farm because hey ho! these kids love nothing more than inhaling these red hearted fruits by the barrel.

So my aunt drove us down south, and just an hour later, we hit a farm that thankfully still had some berries left for us to pick. 

The boys, especially Jake, had a blast picking. He was always running up to us with a few berries in this hands to plonk them in the crate. He totally amassed the bulk of the berries. =)

Kate was totally blase about the whole experience. In fact, what she really really loved were the wide open spaces. And thus she was busy running up and down the rows of strawberries. In between that, her grandpa would pluck a random strawberry and feed her with it! Not a bad life, huh?

After everyone had their fair share  (both in the picking and eating departments), it was time to weigh and pay for the strawberries. But, of course, not before these cheeky fellas had a bit of fun posing for funny pictures!

Love spring time in America!

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