Saturday, August 03, 2013

Pottering with Kate

At 3.5 years old, it's safe to say that we know how our daughter would be like when she is grown.

I remember when I was preggers with her, my body totally didn't take too well to the hormonal overdrive and thus I was so so angry all the time. Little things would trigger the worst tempers within that even the husband prays every single second that I would not blow. Those were not the best days of my marriage, I'd tell ya. Thankfully, everything went back to normal once she was out.

Ever since she was a baby, she was always smiley. She was so easy. She fed well and slept well.  So much so that when we were interviewed by MCYS about how we overcame trying times with her, we were both stuck with a blank. Turns out, we weren't the best interviewees for our segment cause we didn't have much negative things to say.

At 3.5 and can't wait to get to 4, this girl has blossomed to one that is spunky, spontaneous, animated, fun, articulate and full of life. She absolutely loves singing and dancing. She's also pretty bilingual, which both her papa and I sigh with big relief. (especially after spending so much time working on mandarin with the boys.) 

She is very much both a girly girl and a tomboy. She loves dressing up and going for ballet. Yet, she plays light sabres with the boys, in her full ballet regalia. And she has no issues telling the boys (or anyone) what she thinks. Her Papa can never say no to her and she's his little coffee buddy. Every day, he would take her out for coffee in the morning.

As a mum, I cannot tell you how much I love that she's got a girly side. 

This arvo, after coffee, I took her out for a bit of shopping as I needed to pick up a blouse from a store. And the minute we walked into one store, she saw a chest full of jewellery and immediately started inspecting through each single drawer. And she would pick one and go, "Isn't this beautiful?" before putting it on. Thankfully, the girls in the store were really kid friendly and they indulge in her little dress up cum show and tell.

And just in case I worry that she's growing up too quickly, she quickly lost interest and started to play hide and seek with the store ladies and subsequently found an empty exercise book to 'read' a fairy tale from it. 

Sigh. Dont' grow up too soon, baby girl. =) 

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