Friday, August 23, 2013

Apartment Space - Living Room

They say it takes a while to build a home. 

It's been nine months since the move.  It was a little overwhelming at the beginning thinking about how the end product will be. 

That's the thing about not having an ID on board (which is not a bad thing) but along the way, we slowly discover what we like, and vice versa. We were very mindful of the big ticket items that we bought as we didn't want to rush into something we were not certain of. In fact, I think we really only bought a black side console. The rest were all brought over from the old apartment. So yes... things were moving very slowly.  

So, finally!, nine months in, it is starting to feel like the house is on its way to looking the way we want it to.

Here's a little preview of the living room at this moment. 

One thing I love about this apartment is, how everything reflects our perspective on how the way we live. A lot of colour, layers and family pictures. The thing I've learnt along the way is to experiment  and trust your gut. There are absolutely so many ways the home can look... you just gotta play around with it. =)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Seriously beautiful! Perhaps it is a blessing not to have an ID, since you have a really good eye yourself! :)

    1. Thanks, my dear! It did take a while for everything to come together so am glad it's finally looking like it should. =)


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