Monday, July 15, 2013

Playing With Flowers

It's been a while since the gals and I did something different (well, other than shopping and eating!)

So we managed to organize a day to attend a floral class by the lovely gals at Shop Wonderland! It was very last minute. I was cray cray busy last week and was only reminded that the class was on the day prior when R texted me! Gah! Thankfully, the Shop Wonderland girls were able to fit us all in!

Bright and early on Sunday, we all drove to the far end of the island to attend class at an industrial area.

Titled the "Overgrown Garden", we were presented with a gorgeous selection to play with. After a brief introduction to the foundations of this new style of arrangement, we all got to work. It was such a treat to work with this selections of beautiful blooms like peonies, hydrangeas, and mathildas! We even got to play with succulents. Most delighted!

And at the end of three hours, we finally have a have a lovely vase of flowers (in your own unique arrangement!) to bring home!

Loved spending times like this with the gals!

If you are interested in classes, you can check out their facebook page for more details. I can't guarantee you won't be tempted to sign up for one. =)

The gorgeous blooms

Step one!

Tadah! (check out Ms D's handiwork!)
Look at the size of those peonies! 

Work in progress

Isn't D's masterpiece beautiful? 

The end products

Happily showing off our blooms!


  1. how gorgeous!! and man the peonies are huuuuge!!!

    1. I know right! They are from Japan!! with gorgeous yellow hearts! xx

  2. they are lovely!

    1. Thanks babe! It's always fun playing with flowers. Cannot go so wrong. =)

  3. Shyan5:46 PM

    Your bouquets all look awesome. Can I check how long does the vase of flowers last in SG weather? Thanks!

    1. Thanks! It really depends on the flowers. Tulips,mathildas and peonies don't really last more than 3-5 days, depending on the heat. There are other flowers that can last for approx a week or more like chrysanthemums and lilies. =)

  4. Your arrangement is GORGEOUS!! Love it!

    1. Thanks V!! It was surprisingly more stressful planning the arrangement in class than doing it at home. =)


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