Friday, July 05, 2013

July Blessings

OMG it's July.

This year has been moving at warp speed that even I am having trouble reconciling the idea that six months has passed.

As usual, it's birthday month.

I'm not sure if it's hormones, or just the idea that it is time to grow a year older, or it's just a really bad habit to be grumpy during birthday month, or maybe school has just started OR MAYBE  it's a combination of 'em all but I'm not loving July. Yet.

Just yesterday I was counting all the things that were 'not right' in my world. I was pretty much mopey and got on with the day's program before turning in for the night without talking much at all.

And just when I thought today would be the same, I woke to an email saying that I've got a delivery on the way from a website that I had items in the shopping cart. Seriously, the first thing that came to my mind was "CREDIT CARD FRAUD!!" This was before I shook my blurry self up and checked that a purchase was made by the husband!

He sneakily bought me the bag that I initially wanted in the States. Just because.

I think in more ways than one, he knows when I need a pick me up.

Which leads me to really wake the f**k up and remember to smell the roses around me.

So here's what I wrote in my list!

#1 - I have everything I need.

I really do. I know sometimes I whinge in my head that I need this bag or I really need that dress. And then I get all mopey when I don't get it but really I do have a wardrobe (in 3 separate spaces) bursting at its seams. And if I ask really nicely, I know that the husband would normally give me what I want or heck it I can just buy it on my own. So tick! No more sookiness about material stuff.

#2 - My kids kinda rock.

Being around them day in day out does bring out some crazy moments in me but you know what? At the end of the day, no matter how their naughty antics make me mad, they still sit down and do their work whenever I ask them to, and they ask for permission before they attempt to do anything and they don't answer back. Which makes me feel bad that I yell at them at times when they get up to their mischief. So I'm learning to time manage them a little better so they can have more play time daily.

#3 - Little things make me happy

I don't need extravagant gestures to know that I have the love I need in this life to sustain me through. The husband after all these years still makes my eyes roll with all his inappropriately humorous words. His morning cuddles don't hurt as well. I look around the house and I see things that I love and enjoy like candles that I burn, pictures of our travels or even the kitchen that he designed so I can cook to my heart's desires.

#4 - Friends are gold

What's life without girl friends? I really don't know. What I know is.. there's always a bunch of gals that I can simply whatsapp in a moment's notice who will listen to whatever nonsense I come up with.

That's my whinge. And now I can hopefully move on to a more productive day.

TGIF, everyone. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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  1. #5 d is an awesome husband!

    but list of great reminders... :) big hugs babe!! july will be an amazing month!!


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