Sunday, July 28, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I love the Sunday that we just had with the kids.

It was a hectic Saturday past with the husband and I running different duties. And the next few weekends are packed to the brim with activities. Thus, it makes today rather special in a normal way.

1. Brunch at good old Artichoke. That's a lamb shashouka, terribly yummy! 2. Kids playing car racing on the grounds of sculpture square 3. Kate trying to revive a deflated balloon at the Art Market. 4. This poor duckie wasn't working. 5. We bought a new board book that describes items in dialects like Hokkien. My little gal cannot resist flipping through it. 6. Furniture shopping took a new twist when they found an arm chair their size! Little K went, "Can someone please paint my nails?" 7. Whilst the husband and I took a short arvo nap, the kids self entertained with a game of monopoly. I'm sure they invented their own rules but that's the fun of growing up, isn't it? 8. The night ended with a story on dino poop. Never thought I'd see the day when I have to read stories like this! 

Hope you've had a good weekend! It's almost August!! =)

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