Friday, July 26, 2013

And So Another Year Begins!

When they said once you cross 21, time will fly, they didn't mention that the thirties are like a rocket blasting off into space.

So I turned a year older, yesterday, and for once I wasn't feeling grouchy or mopey on the actual day! =) I totally attribute it to the glorious cup of coffee at my favourite coffee store in the whole world. It always starts my day right. My girl friend was suggesting that one should recite 5 to 10 things to be grateful for every morning to start their day, and I said I don't need to do that because I always have a cup (or two!) of coffee to look forward to! Plus, it being my birthday I was gifted with a cup of 5 ounce! =)

The rest of the day just went by as normal can be. As a treat (to her), the husband dropped the little one off at school so I had some time to myself before picking my boys up from school. I have learnt along the years that normality is always a good thing. A blessing to actually have a routine to follow. 

One of the best parts of my birthday occurred just before I was out with my gals for drinks the night prior. I overheard my eldest telling his brother, "Jake, it's Mummy's birthday tomorrow so try not to make her angry." It was very much to my amusement, because it's funny how grown up these kids are these days! Sometimes I cannot believe how long we've been at this parenting gig! 

The husband was all sneaky (again!) with his dinner plans. Whilst we were having coffee, he was asked where we were going for dinner and he proudly declared, "The best in SG! 328 Laksa!" Lol! Before being bombarded that Tian Tian Chicken rice did have an equal footing as well! 

He sweetly bought a cake back so we could celebrate with the kids before leaving for dinner. Look at the face of my little girl who LOVES birthday celebration more than anything in this world!! She kept rushing me to get dolled up quicker and held the knife throughout. 

After the cake cutting and candle blowing, he took me on a roundabout ride to Sentosa! And that was where we had probably one of the best dining experiences in Singapore. 

It totally deserves a post on its own. 

PS: Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!! It was very heartwarming receiving them all day!! xx


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Sounds lovely! Happy belated birthday again! :)


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