Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Best Time of Our Lives!

Two days ago, we celebrated 8 years of matrimony.

Being the kind of people who celebrates [almost] everything we could, we usually celebrate this and our dating anniversary.

I wanted to save the draggy version of our history till our tenth year anniversary but man! two years is a pretty damn long period to wait so here goes.

It's hard to imagine that we were so young back then when we stood at the balcony of The Richmond Hill restaurant saying personalised vows that would hold meanings deeper than what we knew then. We were both nowhere close to being 'there' on the career route, our wedding budget was minimal then, and as for happily ever after? who knew that it's a lot more work than it seemed.

What I remember was all we knew was that were having the best times of our lives, and we were going to be parents in a few months. He was definitely the one person I wanted to be with, through the good times and bad. It was very exciting but, yet, daunting as well. But we threw all caution to the wind, hoped for the best and grabbed life by the horns! (One of the beauties of being young and somewhat foolish. =p)

Looking at us now, it's so hard to believe that we've come that far and everything that we care for and hold dear has only happened in a span of 8 years. I mean, hello, 3 kids and a whole lot of serious financial commitments didn't seem possible at the beginning but we've made it and it's such a treat standing here and looking back.

It's not always easy. There were times where we would want to chew the other person's head off (more me!). There were poorer times. There were periods where we just didn't see eye to eye. We do our best to ride through them all.

Life is definitely busier. We both have our individual commitments to deal with. Our kids absolutely are  the center of our lives. But what I love is the pockets of time we have with each other. Be it a dinner, or a coffee break or even a short trip... it's times like this that we reconnect. It probably helps that age does mellow the fiery temperaments as one does not hold grudges as long as in the past.

I leave you with this tribute that my dear R posted on Instagram. It totally made my day!

So yes! Happy Anniversary, babe! Many more good years to come. =)

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  1. Happy Anniversary! And to many, many more years of being such an adorable couple. :)


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