Saturday, May 18, 2013


I was away for two weekends in a row in the last fortnight.

The husband and I snuck off for a weekend in Hong Kong for our anniversary and then two days later, I was off to Tokyo with the gals (and a husband & baby) for a week long city escapade.

It was the first time I was away from the kids and husband. My first 'grown up' trip, in a way.

Whilst I loved both trips, I did miss the family on the Tokyo leg. Whilst I had nothing to worry about with the childcare. (because the husband and my parents are excellent caretakers of the kids. Their meals and schedules were well looked after. ) It was the little things that made me miss their presence, like small talks or seeing a little japanese little gal looking like Bubba.

Most of all, I miss bed time with this little one. She still co sleeps with us and we would read and sing silly songs every bed time. She would giggle and whisper little secrets to us in bed. On the night that I left, she cried hysterically when D dropped me off. (He pacified her with Maccas.)

And subsequently, she would ask for me at bed time. I managed to FaceTime them the last night I was in Tokyo and she commanded that I "come home NOW".

She was pleased as punched when I surprised her at school pick up! And she said I cannot go on another holiday ever again.

Ahh well... it's good to be home!

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