Tuesday, May 28, 2013

246 Common

When you think of caravans and mobile trucks, an often less than glamourous road trip comes to mind, well, 246 Common absolutely changes one's perspective! An, outdoors mobile food cart cum farmers market in the middle of Aoyama and Omotesando, it serves the local community with produce from its farmer's market and late night drinks in the cool winters night. I chanced upon it during my last whirlwind trip to Tokyo with the husband. It was almost at the tail end of winter and we were huddled up snacking on ribbon fries. (Thank God for mobile heaters!)

This little communal area of mobile food trucks is ridiculously charming. There are stalls with the most fantastic designs and decent food to boot. I stumbled upon it during the day and insisted that the husband made a trip back with me the same night. =)

The gals were intrigued and asked to visit it during the trip so off we went for dinner on the last night. It was easy as Sunday morning, there were hamburgers and drinks. Mojitos were going for 500 yen a pop. I had the to die for Salad rice (that I'm dying to recreate.) The weather was perfect. 

Tokyo is always a city that surprises. 

This is just one of them. =)

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