Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This man...

is probably the best thing I got out of college. (Sorry Dad and Mom!)

His generosity has really struck me at times when I don't expect or deserve it.

I have some travel itch to scratch and he wasn't able to take time off work. So he gamely suggested that I do a trip with the gals. Somehow, the stars were all aligned and everyone was able to make the trip so here I am... off on a short trip with them in a few weeks!

Being the typical mom, I worry if the kids would be ok without me. I mean, who's going to cook, drive them around and prep them for school? But he's assured me that it will be O-K! (Or don't go, he teased.) I love that he has always been the active parent and he is always ready to take over when I am not around.

So yes... I am going to take some time off to explore with my gals. Here's hoping my mommy heart can take the goodbyes when I leave. =) Can't wait!


  1. Fabulous! Im sure the kiddoes will miss you much too.

    Looking forward to your trip updates! ;)

    1. Lol! i think they will be too busy hanging out with Dad!


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