Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tokyo - A Day in Jiyugaoka

When we were in Tokyo last year, my dear friend Z highly recommended that we had to visit this little township of Jiyugaoka during our stay there. She, of all things awesome and crafty, said I would love it!

It didn't take much for us to find our way there one morning. We got onto the subway at Shinjuku, changed for another one at Shibuya and we were well on our way there. (if I remember correctly. =p)

Jiyugaoka, a town rated most livable by women in their thirties to forties, feature a wide array of Zakka stores. It is truly a very lovely place to spend a day in and one that I was very excited to explore. We absolutely had a ball being 'lost' there.

If you are in the market for home decorative items or just fun lifestyle stuff, this is the hood to be in. The zakka stores are beyond amazing. We wandered in and out of the stores, mostly with a paper bag full or stuff. It was a really bad day for the bank account, I'd tell you that much!

We loved hanging out there. It was a very chilled out place to be in. We literally didn't wanna leave when the day ended. =)

I loved the little discoveries we made, like this coffee stand in a VW camper van. How charming was this set up? (although it came with a grouchy coffee lady).  Couldn't resist getting a cuppa from there and stole a couple of shots.

The kids were a little famished at the end so we stumbled upon the J.S pancake cafe. (There are several around in Tokyo) It sits on the third storey of a clothes store called Journal. As the name suggests, there were pancakes of all varieties, shapes and form here. And everything was DELICIOUS. We had the house special pancakes and until today, I'm still thinking about how soft and fluffy it was.

I really liked the restaurant fit out they had too! It was like dining in someone's home.

Humungous Pancakes - Only picture I managed cos every one had their hand or mouth in the others!
Mei Mei took charge of story time.
Who wants seconds??!

Another store I loved was the Popeye's camera store.

Popeyes is such a whimsical fun store to be in. There's plenty of little corners stuffed full with photography and art stuff to browse. We were there during the new year so they were selling the Fukubukuro bags, which were such great value. They had a lomo camera in them, picture albums, washi tapes, etc. It was all for 10 000 yen. I'd grab one but the husband had better ideas and we ended up walking out with the new Instax 8 for the kids. =)

Here's taking you, Mama!
Wasn't kidding when I said we shopped up a storm.

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