Monday, April 22, 2013

Crafty Mondays - Cardbox Derby Cars

I was over at Oh Happy Day's website the other day when I saw a  post on a soapbox party! The cupboard cars look mighty rad so I thought we should do a project just like that at home since my kids are CRAZY about anything car related and arts & crafts! What a win win situation it was.

I really like that most of the materials we used were recycled like the cardbox boxes. (I asked the kind folks at a bookshop really nicely, and they gave me two. I took one from the recycling bin at my apartment.) I did end up buying some rope and paint but most of the things were lying around my place and ready for use.

We got down to painting the boxes on Friday evening and left the boxes to dry overnight... before decorating them on Saturday. It took a fair bit of adults involvement with all the box cutting and paper cutting. Once that was done, the kids had their go in decorating the cars to their liking. It was very gratifying seeing the final products. They were well worth our efforts I really really liked how each car reflects their own individual personality. It was very cool!

The kids all had fun with the project and we have been having a few "car" chases at home. =)

Step one down.
Kate putting her touch on the headlights.
The cars brigade!

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