Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Bills at Omotesando

The gals and I were talking about cooking the other day, when suddenly the word "Bills" came up.

Bill's in this case is, of course, Bill Granger who is known for his famous ricotta pancakes. *slurp*

It reminded me of our trip to Tokyo where we were crunching our minds for brunch when my dear friend, Zhing, suggested that we hop into his restaurant at Omotesando. (oh the shopping!) We've been to the ones in Sydney and so it is very much comfort food for us. 

However, this outlet in Tokyo is miles miles better than the ones back in Australia. 

The minute I walked in, I fell in love with the fit out. The open bookshelves with stacks of glorious books. The light was amazing that day. It was like dining in a friend's gorgeous loft. I took so many pictures that day, it's not funny.

We ordered the usual suspects of pasta, steak sandwiches and, of course, ricotta pancakes. The trademark smoothies were delish, as well. All of which were done to simple perfection. It wasn't fancy but it was what we needed after days of glorious Japanese food. 

We left the place such happy campers that we went back again a few days later. =)

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