Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Of Villas and Gorgeous Skies

Bali has somewhat become an annual pilgrimage for us. This time round, we brought our own party there with our pals who are like family to us. It's pretty cool that we managed to plan a vacation together, given the different work schedules and 4 kids (and a teenager!!) in tow. Very precious days, indeed.

It was a lovely break. We spent many hours lounging by the pool or hanging out in the villa. The thing about good friends is, we don't even have to do much, all we need is to just pick a place and we can still have a good time. We spend our days mersmerised  at the gorgeous skies and at night, we look up at the stars in the sky, trying to make out the different constellations (Did you know that I phone has this app called Star Discovery, that allows you to make out the different stars by pointing your phone towards the sky?)

4 days is simply not enough time to explore the island. (Our greedy tastebuds didn't even get to eat everything we wanted.) Next time round, we should probably plan a week there.

PS: Feeling really bad that the blog has been rather neglected, especially when I have plenty more travel stories to tell. Will try to update soon!

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