Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daddy's Girl

There is really something about being Daddy's girl.

I remember when I was pregnant with Kate, the husband was pretty insistent that he would be fair in the way he treats his kids. It was a reply in jest when I suggested that this little one could be a little different.

Fast forward the present day and it's clear that even though the husband loves the boys, he has a special spot for the littlest of them all. She has him twirled all around his pinky.

She saves her biggest smiles for him when he comes through the door and exclaims rather loudly, "DADDY!!!" Completed with an enormous hug. Now which guy would say no to that?!

She loves playing monsters make believe with him. Often creeping up to him and roaring at his ears.

Whenever we go out, she would insist on holding his hand and regaling him with funny tales all made up in her little head. One that spins even the most interesting twists at such a tender age. He would never skip a word of her stories, no matter how short they are. She would make sure that he pays attention but giving him a pop quiz after, sometimes.

And when night falls, she would insist that Daddy be the one to put her to bed. He would squeeze with her in her little princess-y bed as she asks that he reads her a bedtime story. And if she doesn't sleep in her own bed, he would never reject her request to bunk in with us.  (sigh) The best part of co-sleeping is she wakes up next to him with all smiles and go "GOOD MORNING".

The husband is away this weekend, and so I am covering all duties on the parenting side. I was sending her to enrichment this morning when she said, "Why isn't Daddy driving me there?"

Ah little one, you have no idea how you've melted the heart of a giant. =)

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