Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bali Daze - Sardine

It's no secret we love to travel.

There are always gems to be discovered in every destination.

This time round, our friends booked lunch at gorgeous Sardine, a seafood place at Jalan Petitenget.

Bali has a way of invoking a sense of awakening in you. Once you step into Sardine, you would walk past a brick wall and into a landscape of pavilions and rice padi fields. All as a backdrop, as you dine. 

What a glorious day it was to be out. The skies were ethereally blue and seemed to go on forever into the horizon. (What is it about Balinese skies?!) There are workers in the padi field harvesting the crops. There was a calm lull in the place that makes us wanna linger around.

The menu consists of mostly sea food items but we were pleasantly surprised to see them offer a kids menu to the children. (who mostly are iffy about consuming anything underwater). They managed to get a serve of linguine bolognaise, which totally made their day.

Us adults managed to have something tastier. I love that the dishes were not complicated, flavoured with the right spices and all were very very delectable.

These are the starters that we had. 
Grilled Prawns with Thai Salad, Hamachi Caparcio, Grilled scallops, Sardines on potatoes (clockwise from left)

Little K had the  most divine udon with grilled Hamachi. The broth was very simple but sweet and delicious.

We managed find space for coffee and desserts after. But being in a food coma, means that you don't normally remember to take pictures of the food after. =)

But yes, thank you Sardine, I can't believe it took us that long to discover you. We will definitely be back. =)

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