Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Possibly the Best I Ever Have

I was busy prepping for the school run last Thusday when the husband rang and said with a cheeky tone, "Babe, what do you think about a weekend in Tokyo?"

Saying that my eyes almost popped whilst I tried to gather my composure was an understatement. Ever since our last trip in early January, he knew that I was craving to head back to explore the city. And that it would be a perfect couple getaway too as I knew my way around, as he had a work engagement to go to.

Next thing I knew, he got my passport details and booked us a flight the following night. Last minute babysitting was arranged (thank God for grandparents) and we were set for 2 days in Tokyo. A city that I really really love. (And just came back from!! Will post that up soon!)

The two days were perfect, albeit being a little tiring because of the night flights. The weather was beautiful. We could've walked around sans outerwear. We made new discoveries and also visited plenty of old favourites. The days were very full. (will go into details in another post)

I relished moments where I held onto the nook of his arm as we made our way through the streets. It was times like these that remind me how much this man means to me. How he speaks straight to my core and knows what I need even at times when I am not aware. And how he would indulge me in a short trip when he could've just saved the price of the air ticket. Just so that I can live out a little bit of my little fantasy.

Somewhere along the way, he asked, "Are you happy with your life now?" It was an umami moment where I went Ahh... I don't think I can ask for more.

After all, even with the years we've spent together,  we still like each other's company and we very much enjoy doing things together. We found a good rhythm individually and as a couple. The love at the beginning is of a different intensity now.

I like that we are done with the early child raising stage. And that our children know that it's important for mommy and daddy to have personal time to travel and go on date nights . Also, seeing the fruit bore from our years of parenting has made me a more settled person. I too acknowledge that he makes me feel very safe and secure. The trust I have in him transcends through everything he does.

Like the term, life partner, I have found one in him.

So yes... my darling, more weekend trips please. =) You know what they say, happy wife, happy life. *wink*


  1. awwwwww that's sooo sweet!!! hugs!! the two of you are our parenting role model!! ;)

  2. I got to know your blog from my niece who is your friend. An interesting blog and you are an excellent mum with 3 disciplined kids. Thumbs up to you managing them, not an easy task because it is so stressful now studying in S'pore. Very different from my time.

    You are very blessed to have a very loving better half who dotes on you. Wish both of you a very blissful married life and may both of you age gracefuuly into your golden years.

    I am very sure your kids will be good parents too because both of you demonstrate excellent parenting.

    Keep up your interesting blog.


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