Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Hang out

Over the CNY period, we were busy with house visitations and plenty of face stuffing. And yet we still found time to have friends coming over to our new pad for a bit of a hang out.

There is still plenty to do in this space of ours. I mean, we still haven't bought the floor lamp, the arm chairs, the coffee table has yet to arrive and we have so many things to hang on the wall!! (Ok... breathe)

I have to say I was slightly worried to receive guests cos it's still so incomplete. (sigh.. the older I get the more I ask for perfection!) But yet, thankfully, we went ahead because there is nothing like a warm toasty home with friends you love dearly around.

They didn't see the imperfections. In fact, everyone seemed to be having a rather good time eating up a storm, entertaining the kids and just chilling on the couch. What more can a host ask for?

And you know we had fun cause I forgot to take pictures. *smacks head* so here's one of the steamboat spread that we had!

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