Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dong Chiang Dong Chiang

A belated Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone.

We love this time of the year where mandarin oranges, loud ching chong music, samfus and cheongsams, as well as red packets are abundant. There is a usual routine that we follow. However, this year as it falls on a long weekend, it took a little twist.

We took a long drive (CNY EVE HAS THE WORST TRAFFIC) up to a kampung close to Melaka where the husband's paternal relatives still reside. It's an old wooden detached house that was very similar to one that I grew up in so it's great for the kids to still experience such an environment in this time and age. Once the reunion dinner was over, the kids got to play with fireworks. A definite favourite for them. There is always a huge box of different fire works for them to play with. It's such fun seeing them light it up and quickly scurrying away to see it blast off.

We stayed the night before heading back early the next day for our annual visitation. But not before the kids spend some time offering oranges and well wishes to their Daddy and in return they get an ang pow and warm greetings back. It was a small tradition that we started when they were little and it's nice to keep it going as they get older.

Right after, it was off to my aunt's for a feast of hainanese food. It's the one meal we look forward to every single year. We were famished by the time we got there so the food was extra tasty. Caught up with my siblings and cousins, whose company are the best thing since our childhood days.

A few hours on and we have to move on to another household. And it was more chit chatting whilst the kids were playing with their cousins. I love how we are all together a few times a year. Moments like these are fleeting these days with all of our busy schedules.

Hanging out with Lao Koh

We have more gatherings this weekend. Let the Lo Hei continue.

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