Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Year New Routine

So now that we are a week into 2013, it's probably time to revisit our schedule for this school year.

It's taking some time for me to acclimatise to this new routine because the last few years have seen me doing similar stuff. This year with the boys both in primary school and Kate in a new preschool, the timing and locations have all been slightly different.

620am - The alarm goes off. I snooze it for 10 minutes before getting up to wake the boys up.

630am - Wake the boys who are both in deep slumber up. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes 10. They need a lot of cajoling to wake up (I threaten a cold towel on some days) before they head off for a quick wake me up shower.

645am - Showered and changed, they have a quick cup of milo. And if they are in the mood, more breakfast like cereal.  D is usually up by now, no thanks to my nagging on the boys. We both wash up and get changed. He gives them their allowance and gets them to put their shoes on. Without fail, every single morning, these boys would do some last minute scampering around the house to pick up loose (and unimportant) articles. I, too, keep my fingers crossed that no one takes out any form or has a last minute to do list for me 5 minutes before we leave.

7am - Out of the house and en route to school.

715am - Parked and we walk the boys to school. Because Jake is at a different drop off point this week, D and I would divide and conquer. Kisses for the boys (although the older one finds it rather embarrassing!!!) and then off they go on their way.

725am - Back at the car if we are lucky! Sometimes we meet either my cousin in law or some friends and end up nattering for quite a bit. Ooops! D has to drag me away. Chatterbox queen is what he calls me. Hmpf!

730-915am - Pick up coffee and then we hit the gym. This happens on most days. Unless K has Chinese classes one particular morning. We usually work out for an hour before showering and heading home. Kate usually gets up during this time. She gets breakfast and plays for a bit.

915-1030am - We either head home or go for breakfast. Its our one on one time. Once or twice a week, we'll go to the market to top up supplies. This few weeks however, I have volunteered to help out at the school during recess so off I would go to the boys school for my duties. Whilst D would head home and go off to work.

1030-1245pm - Home time for me. Kate takes a short nap before school starts. Sometimes she doesn't want to, so she'll just laze around in bed. My maid will bathe and change her for school. (although I have some idea for her to start doing little home work pieces soon)

1245pm - We leave for school.

1pm - Drop her off in school. And then I would be off to pick the boys up. However, my sister has been doing the honour these few days so I've been able to run some errands or grab lunch.

2pm - Boys reach home. Bathe and have some lunch. They relax a little. And I would ask if there is any homework. They usually tell me no. (then sheepishly pick out their books in the evening to do. Boys I tell ya!!) My maid would do an inventory check on their belongings. (Just in case some things are lost, which happens quite often)

330-430pm - In between this time we will leave for enrichment classes. If there is nothing, I try to get them to take a nap.

430- 630pm - Classes on some days. If not we do some work at home. Or else, it's reading time. I would pick Kate up from school at this point too. She would probably be really tired and nap on the way home. If the boys are at classes, my maid would collect her from the car before I drive to pick them up.

630-8pm - Boys potter around the house. It's their TV time as well. They would also try to build their mega Lego structure at this point, creating a big mess in the room. =) We would cook dinner at this point. I like the idea of homecooked meals on weekdays so I know what they are consuming. We would also pack their snack boxes for the following day.

8pm - Dinner time. D is probably still at work. So the kids will have dinner first before climbing all over him when he comes home, if early, at 8.30pm

830pm - Music time for the boys. Each in a different room. Kate would be playing with her kitchen set in the living room.

9pm - A quick shower and tooth brushing before heading to bed. It's also time for a bit of a read before they zzz for the night. D sometimes have to go in to lie with them for a bit.

930-945pm - He sneaks out. We watch some telly. Talk about the day. I'll catch up on my online browsing or blogging before I knock out at about 11. He de-stresses by watching his Chinese movies for a bit before sleeping shortly after.

11pm - Bed time for me.

630am - It all starts again!!

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