Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home Sweet Home

They always say that a house is not always a home unless the people you love are in it.

In a way, it holds true for me because whilst we like the other apartments that we were in, there was never much of a sentimental value attached for me. We've never really invested in much of the decor as well because it doesn't make any financial sense to decorate a place that doesn't belong to us.

However, now that we are in a place that we call our own, the vibe has changed. For starters, we are very fond of the spaciousness this new place offers. It is also very breezy and thus we have been sleeping without the air conditioning at night. (The husband commented on how much $ he's saving on electricity. lol!)

It is slowly and surely coming together even though I feel that we are still far from completing our decor and furnishing. The house still looks so bare, in my opinion. =)

My favourite spot is still the kitchen where we hang out every morning. D has his new fancy coffee machine where he's pulling espresso shots for himself and lattes for me. I love the little nook where I can juice some green juices for a healthy start to the day and of course, where I cook dinners for the troops. It is very therapeutic to cook in a decent sized kitchen.

The husband loves his spot near the window where the wind gently blows in. I've ordered the cushions before we left for Japan and they arrived just as we returned. He would lie there and often he reads to little K at that corner.

I cannot wait for the coffee table to arrive and until then I think I will be hunting around for another rug and prints. Till the next update.

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  1. LOVE how your place is beautifully coming together! I really can't wait to visit! Hehe I just scheduled a post finally posting my house pictures for tomorrow :P


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