Friday, December 07, 2012

Z and N gets Hitched!

Last Sunday, we attended the wedding of one of D's oldest friends.

It was the last dinner for us this year and probably for his bunch of boys for a while now, at least.

What made this really special was how small and intimate it was. All he had was six tables. Something so rarely heard and seen in SG. I loved how relaxed they both were and the love they shared.

Weddings are also a great time for us spouses to catch up! Whilst the boys were busy chatting up a storm. (Well... There's plenty to talk when you've been friends since you were 12), we caught up on our current hot topics like reno, kids and bags! Lol!

As we get older, friendships take a deeper meaning than before. Because it is no longer all about meeting new ones (which is important too) , it's about treasuring old ones!

What I love about my husband is how dear he holds his friendships. These boys have seen each other through all the ups and downs and I've never once seen them desert another in times of need. (And I've seen quite a bit in these ten years)

He was very very late to the dinner that night and though out the dinner, everyone's been asking what time he would touch down. And when he arrived, they all gathered around him and shared a few laughs. Isn't it endearing?

I hope my boys will learn a thing or two about friendship from their Daddy.

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