Wednesday, December 05, 2012


A little homemade heaven

Things have been rather crazy the last few weeks.

We finally packed up and moved into our new apartment last week. (more on this another time) It's been pretty intensive decluttering and packing that we have been eating so much take out in a week. I knew we were all getting a little tired of it when we couldn't even think of what to have for dinner one night.

However, we've hit the silver lining of the cloud this week. Most of our home orders have arrived. Our stuff have been mostly packed away. Such gratification I must say! (Living in a cluttered space gave me a headache every day)  I knew things are somewhat back in order when I have time to break open the new Popsicle maker and christened it for the first time.

I'm quite sticky about my kids inhaling too much sugar. So as much as they like their treats, I have a pretty small limit to how much they can consume.

When I was at Robinsons last week, I came across the Zoku and briefly remembered that A has one too! It seemed rather easy. All I had to do was to pour my selected juice into the maker and wait. So I bought one to try.

All I did today was to juice some watermelon, apples and oranges separately. (with my new Hurom slow juicer) Followed the instructions on the Zoku and voila! I have three popsicles for the kids. No artificial sugars added.

A little bit of watermelon, orange and apple juice

I was very pleased with how it turned out and it was easy as ABC to put them together. In fact, I'm a little sorry that I bought the single popsicle maker. Ah well!

What do you mean you can only make three, Mummy??

Clearly they were a hit! So I guess we will be doing this again pretty soon. =) And I will also be checking out a couple of their accessories. =p


  1. Tell me about it! I regretted not getting the double/triple. I got the holder for the sticks too. You might like the earl grey blueberry one that I made recently too.

    1. I've gotta try that recipe too! But yes! I was thinking if I would actually use it a lot and after hesitating, I ended up with a single maker. Now I'm kicking myself for not buying the double. =(


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