Monday, December 31, 2012

Twenty Twelve

My 2012 was a rather exciting one.

The year started with our firstborn starting his first steps in formal education. I remember us being really proud when he put his uniform on for the first time. It was truly a milestone for us as parents that we have journeyed this far. Secretly I thought... Omg! This is what 'real' parenting is like.

We started a house hunt in the middle of the year and bought the last place that we saw. The space and the light were the winning factors for us and we love the location very very much. The renovation process was rather interesting and thankfully we managed to get through it with no major fights. In fact, after living in it for a month, I can see that we will be here for a while.

2012 was a spectacular year for our itchy feet. We have been some incredible places this year and have experienced many many different cultures this year. In fact, I am very blessed that the husband indulges in my love for wanderlust. Vietnam was a surprise favourite because we had such a great time eating around the city with our closest buddies. Europe still has such a soft spot in me. The food, the history, the sights... I can never get tire of. And then there are the usual spots like Bali and Hong Kong which are such comfortable places to visit and relax. And new (old) BKK and finally Japan to round the year up. It's been an amazing amazing year.

This year the husband and I hit 10 years as we celebrate the time we've started dating. He has been such a pillar of strength for me. As we grow older, it seems like we've settled into such a nice little jazz with each other. Both busy with our daily routines, we love our date nights and getaways to just hang with each other. He never fails to amuse me and I don't know if there is another that allows me to be exactly who I am, idiosyncrasies and all. No matter how big or small things are, he's still the first person I wanna tell things to.

My kids have all grown into little people. Kayden is still the 大哥 (big brother) of the family. He's been really independent this year. Learnt the value of saving and has become my right hand man. Jakeyboo has completed his kinder education and will join his kor kor in his school next year. Little miss K started school too and did very well in her first year in school. She's probably not as academic as I would like but for everything else, especially socially, my gal is on top of her game.

That's about it I think. My 2012. One that is filled with plenty surprises. :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Snowy Christmas

This Christmas Eve, we are spending it at the snowy mountain alps of Niseko.

The kids are at ski school while D and I ski and snowboard respectively.

It's been a while since we last did winter sports so its wonderful spending it this time with our kids.

Niseko is beautiful. The ski runs are powdery and cover quite a distance. We are absolutely loving the snow this time round.

Will catch up more when we are back in sg. Have a lovely Christmas everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Romantic Soiree Recital

The boys have been attending music lessons for the last 2.5 years.

We initially started them both on the violin but along the way, Jakey didn't seem to take to it really well so we kinda stopped his lessons for a while. A few months later, we thought we would let him try learning the piano and since then he's enjoying his weekly lessons.

D and I felt that it's important for the kids to engage their right brain and so other than arts and crafts, music is a good outlet for them to develop this other side of their growth. It's been pretty rigorous trying to get them to practise consistently but we really try our best to get them to do it. It also helps that after some trial and error, we finally got the right fit of teachers that really inspire them (oh we have plenty of stories to tell.)

At the end of the day,  the most important factor for us is we really want them to enjoy learning the violin and the piano. Music should never been an added stress to them. =)

Last Saturday was their music school's recital. It was held at the Arts House. (I love that the school picks places like these for the children to showcase their songs)

It was the second concert for Kayden and the first solo for both of them. They each picked a song and after weeks of practice, it was finally time to play in front of a crowd.

Playing on his own at the baby grand
March by Mr Handel was his song choice.

D and I were so pleased to see our boys perform. It's really encouraging to see their efforts pay off. You really should see the smiles on our faces. =)

At the end of it, all the participants in the recital received a medal for their efforts. The boys always look forward to receiving theirs. They sit on their bookshelf after. =)

I am absolutely thankful for these two teachers who are patient and inspiring that makes the boys love their classes.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Z and N gets Hitched!

Last Sunday, we attended the wedding of one of D's oldest friends.

It was the last dinner for us this year and probably for his bunch of boys for a while now, at least.

What made this really special was how small and intimate it was. All he had was six tables. Something so rarely heard and seen in SG. I loved how relaxed they both were and the love they shared.

Weddings are also a great time for us spouses to catch up! Whilst the boys were busy chatting up a storm. (Well... There's plenty to talk when you've been friends since you were 12), we caught up on our current hot topics like reno, kids and bags! Lol!

As we get older, friendships take a deeper meaning than before. Because it is no longer all about meeting new ones (which is important too) , it's about treasuring old ones!

What I love about my husband is how dear he holds his friendships. These boys have seen each other through all the ups and downs and I've never once seen them desert another in times of need. (And I've seen quite a bit in these ten years)

He was very very late to the dinner that night and though out the dinner, everyone's been asking what time he would touch down. And when he arrived, they all gathered around him and shared a few laughs. Isn't it endearing?

I hope my boys will learn a thing or two about friendship from their Daddy.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


A little homemade heaven

Things have been rather crazy the last few weeks.

We finally packed up and moved into our new apartment last week. (more on this another time) It's been pretty intensive decluttering and packing that we have been eating so much take out in a week. I knew we were all getting a little tired of it when we couldn't even think of what to have for dinner one night.

However, we've hit the silver lining of the cloud this week. Most of our home orders have arrived. Our stuff have been mostly packed away. Such gratification I must say! (Living in a cluttered space gave me a headache every day)  I knew things are somewhat back in order when I have time to break open the new Popsicle maker and christened it for the first time.

I'm quite sticky about my kids inhaling too much sugar. So as much as they like their treats, I have a pretty small limit to how much they can consume.

When I was at Robinsons last week, I came across the Zoku and briefly remembered that A has one too! It seemed rather easy. All I had to do was to pour my selected juice into the maker and wait. So I bought one to try.

All I did today was to juice some watermelon, apples and oranges separately. (with my new Hurom slow juicer) Followed the instructions on the Zoku and voila! I have three popsicles for the kids. No artificial sugars added.

A little bit of watermelon, orange and apple juice

I was very pleased with how it turned out and it was easy as ABC to put them together. In fact, I'm a little sorry that I bought the single popsicle maker. Ah well!

What do you mean you can only make three, Mummy??

Clearly they were a hit! So I guess we will be doing this again pretty soon. =) And I will also be checking out a couple of their accessories. =p
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