Friday, November 02, 2012

Sunday Best

I was busy single parenting during the recent long weekend. The husband was away attending a wedding of his good friend in Taiwan.

So I held down the fort for the four days while he was out of town. Someone had to, I'd supposed.

 It's funny how one adapts in the absence of the other. I was actually very busy the four days but yet I do miss the little things like him coming home and putting those kids to bed. Or him asking the kids how their day was. Weekends are a little harder because I have to do the enrichment run alone. However, thankfully this was a particularly busy weekend.

So on Sunday, we had a taste of nostalgia when we went to East Coast Park for a surprise BBQ. It was with our bunch of good friends.  The weather was balmy and we were hurdled away from the camping crowd, which makes is a perfect day to spend at the beach!

Being there totally reminds my friends and I of the days in the past where we were in school and gatherings were held there!

We loved being at the beach.

 The kids had a great time building sandcastles and playing with the dog. It was easy and very relaxing.

 The adults were busy inhaling all the food and just catching up over the week's happenings. It was fuss free and a good way to spend a Sunday.

Clearly, Ms K had fun!



  1. Ms K looks so cute in that scooter! :)

    1. She was so busy zipping up and down the stretch on the beach. =)

  2. Hi, I hope you don't mind me saying, but I feel that people shouldn't use the term 'single parenting' so loosely and then making it seem like a big deal. Handling the kids alone for 4 days is nothing like being a single parent. Single parents have it much tougher looking after their kids alone AND worrying about finances. And it's not just for 4 days, it's for as long as they need to, years for many. I say this with no negative feelings, but perhaps some terms like that can be used with more sensitivity towards those in such situations who may read it. :) Lovely children you have there :)

    1. No worries, I totally get where you are coming from. Will certainly take that on board. I really meant solo parenting but would think before mentioning it again. =)


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