Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reno - Good Cop Bad Cop

Seriously this Reno process is so delayed, I shudder to think about when it will end. However, end it will because we have to move out by early next week! *cues drum rolls*

But before I bore you with another Reno update, I thought I should tell you how we are coping with this process.

You see, both of us generally have different ways of dealing with things. The husband is one with details and nitty gritties. He's the engineer of this family. So all things technological and home fixit lies in his department. All I need to do is call him name whenever I need something done.

I'm better with conceptualizing the look of the place. (Not that it's complicated with this apartment) I am very fortunate I have a lot of say in what I want done in this place.

Our different styles of handling means that we don't always see eye to eye on everything. We hardly fought but it's more on how I would just step back and leave him to settle the issue. ( I really just wanted to get this process done and over with. ;))

For example, sometimes I do wonder if the man does over think certain details. We have one particular cabinet in the kitchen that is quite trying. The husband wants it to function as a working bench. We would need a functional door for it to operate that way. I was happy to leave it as standard cabinet doors but the husband was insistent that it be done with a servo drive. So it took him an entire day to think how he wants it done and in the end, he did figure a way to work it out.

The upside of our differences in handling stuff is whenever I'm unhappy about how things were done, I would tell him and he would feedback to the contractor. He always tells me not to stress when it comes to Reno because most issues can easily be solved.

Also, we get to play both good cop and bad cop with the contractor. He's mainly on the dark side, though, as you can see below.

Because the job has missed its deadline by a mile, the husband has been breathing down the neck of the main supervisor. All I can say is you don't wanna see that side of him because he can be really really onto you till things get done.

All in all, it's been a good learning experience for us. It's sweet having the man in charge of the whole process because I know I would be severely handicapped if he's not here. :)

Speaking of sweet, he bought tickets for us to catch the last instalment Twilight this morning! He knew I'm crazy over the show so he made sure we got first views on day 1. Just like he did the last time round. :))

I am very grateful and thankful that I have him in my life. xx


  1. Aww... so sweet... do u by any chance know where to get hydraulic hinges for kitchen cabinets? Mine died one me :)

  2. same! I leave it to K to handle issues cos he's super good with negotiation. i'm happy to play my good cop role. ;)


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