Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Kate Turns 3!!

Kate turned 3 late last month.

She's been looking forward to her party since the month before her birthday. However, with the husband away and a few other parties to attend the weeks prior, we had to delay her own little celebration.

We finally threw her one over the weekend and boy! was it the girliest one we've every thrown!

 She's at the age where she loves everything pink and princessy. She babies her stuffed animals and loves to pretend to cook at her kiddie kitchen.

The kiddy dinner table
So with all that into consideration, we did a pretty pink party. I conceptualised every detail and we got to work at the decorations (which unfortunately I didn't take many pictures of.) However, my girlfriend did and I loved how everything came together.

We did a kiddie activity table for the children to amuse themselves with and also a table full of knick knacks for them to nibble on (HELLO CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!) because we had the prata man who came to flip some crispy fluffy pancakes for us! Yumz!

Personalised prata man on the go!

 The birthday girl (who skipped her arvo nap) was surprisingly in a good mood and was busy running up and down playing with all the kids. She was literally soaking up the entire party.

And when it was time to cut the cake...  we unveiled one that pleased her to no end.  Adorned with rainbows and princesses as toppers, her grin stretched from ear to ear as we unveiled it. I loved how it turned out and was rather glad that she loved it too.

And the stars shined just for you, my darling.

Happy birthday, my darling! You have been such an awesome gift to us!!

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  1. she looks so pleased with her cake!

    i'm still fretting over what to do for my #1's birthday.


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