Wednesday, November 07, 2012

3652 Days

Today is our tenth year anniversary. (Although we've been dating longer than this.)

We spent the better part of the day following the US elections. Sitting at a coffee bar, looking at the results on our smartphones whilst discussing the possible outcomes of a reelection. (Yes!)

These days, our lives have evolved from a twosome to a family of five. It revolves around our three notsolittke kids.

We have weathered through days of humble beginnings where we had both just graduated from college to the early days we had two young ones to feed. A relocation which was pretty life changing. A transition to being a full time mommyhood. We shifted homes too many times to be counted. Made way too many grown up decisions in our twenties.

Life has indeed been very very full.

I am very blessed (I know I don't say this enough) to have found D as a life partner. It has been a pretty fun filled journey. However,  not everyday is rosy. Some days he makes me so mad, I feel like throwing a shoe or two at him. Even at the worst of days, where I can be royally royally mad (bless my girlfriends listening ears) at him, he will always bite his tongue and keep quiet. Never once has he ever mention a word in retaliation when I'm mad.

He's also been the hardest working lad I've ever dated. Ever since the time I've known him, he is never one to rest his laurels at home. The funniest and probably the quirkiest thing I've ever noticed was he would go into extra work mode whenever we have a new baby on board. Always. Without a doubt.

These days, we have moved into a different stage of life. We are a lot more comfortable financially. Our kids are no longer babies. We have a bit of time to ourselves. It has always been one of dreams to see the world together. It is a luxury to escape and travel as a couple. I really enjoy time alone with him. We've a comfortable chemistry between us.

I like that I can lean on him on the worst days. Laugh at all the silly things. Tell him irreverent things that only he can understand. Indulge in the little cravings I have with him. He is my closest confidante. (And worst nemesis at the same time =p)

It's always the little things.

10 years. Almost a third of my lifetime. I cannot imagine another life without him. Here's to many more years.

Happy anniversary, my darling! (I know you like that!)

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