Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Reno Week 3

And just like that, it's been three weeks since we started the renovation process.

I have been going down daily to see how it progresses and I'm really pleased with the speed that things are happening. My contractor has been rather good with his time management. There are always workers in the apartment fixing or building something. 

This week, all of the electric and plumbing works have been completed. Also, they spent 2 days installing the false ceilings in the living area, master bedroom and toilets. The tiling was also almost completed. (albeit the fact that I've made some changes to the tiles.) 

In fact, most of the time was spent tiling the various areas of the apartment. We spent a lot of time choosing the tiles for the different rooms and seeing them laid out was quite gratifying.

The husband has been quite the lifesaver during this process because he is the go-to man when it comes to the finer details. I'm completely hopeless at it. He is in charge of making decisions for lights, electrical points, plumbing, joinery layouts. Thank God he's handy that way. =p

We visited a few showrooms for sanitaryware and it was really really boring for me. I have zero interest in how intricate the taps are, or choosing sinks, basins, toilet bowls. Fortunately, D chose most of it and whilst I entertain his various comments on the little details of each it, I was just glad he was loving this part more so than me. 

I revelled in choosing the kitchen appliances. We already have quite a full kitchen at the moment. But I LOVED going around looking for ovens and stoves. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) we have limited space in the kitchen. So we have to be smart in how the layout works to our cooking needs. 

In the end, I chose to get our kitchen appliances from Bosch. For one, the service was really good when we visited the showroom. Two, it's highly recommended by a good friend. We loved the designs. D knew that I would want to have the last say in choosing each item so he gave me free reign choosing what I wanted. And boy did I go mad at the showroom. 

I picked out a steam oven,  a conventional oven, 3 domino hobs, an industrial strength hood and because Bosch is having a wonderful promotion celebrating their 50th anniversary, they threw in a food warmer tray too! It's like a kitchen dream come true. I'm gonna spend so much time in there when the apartment is done. The best thing is the total price was very reasonable for what I picked and when the reno is completed, I'll show you guys what I chose.

This coming week,  we should see the tiling completed. The timber company is sending their peeps to install the timber floor. In the meantime, the cupboards and kitchen cabinetry are being built. I am hoping we will be done in 3 weeks, fine tuning included. 

Till the next update!


  1. The tiles are beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest of the place done up!

  2. love those tiles! i got my kitchen kitted out in bosch too!


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