Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Elly's Lantern Carnival

When I was growing up, I always look forward to the Mid Autumn festival.

It was always a night where my cousins would gather to play with candles and march around the estate with lanterns. The night would then end with a bunch of sparklers lighting up the darkness.

It was good memories.

This year, Elly hosted the Mid Autumn Carnival last Saturday and lucky us managed to score tickets to it.

Little Kate has many dresses from Elly. I love the whimsical prints and how easy it is to put on. In fact she wears them so often because they are very comfortable.

Between running around for enrichment classes that day and sorting out renovation stuff, we managed to gather the kids in time to go for it. Complete with a last minute lanterns purchase!

Boy were we glad we made it because it was a bunch of good fun and old school games.  We were greeted with a goody bag for each kid. It contained a strip of coupons for the games which included tossing a ring around the bottles, bowling and alphabet fishing. Audrey and Carol certainly didn't spare any details. There was even an ice cream truck parked at the driveway which delighted the kids to no end.

My boys had plenty of fun winning those little prizes. In fact, they were lamenting when they used up all their tickets. Lol!

I was pleasantly surprised to see some of our mommy friends there. And lil Kate managed to finally meet Sean, her classmate in school (albeit in a different session). They were terribly cute standing next to each other when we took a picture. I was just happy to see the gals and cuddle the babies! Catch ups are always great when we are all so busy with our own schedules.

The night was rounded up with a lantern walk around the garden. There was a myriad of lanterns on show that night. Each kid with a different design.

The kids took a group picture to end the night.

Thank you Elly for organizing it! We really had fun and a great time!

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    Thanks Pam for this lovely blog post! :) - Audrey


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