Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Little Bit of This and That

Boy did I have the biggest Monday blues when this morning rocked up?!

I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me. Still, somehow, I managed to grab a cuppa with the husband and hobbled along to the gym with him early morn, got my mummy duties done, did a session of pilates, dinner and then groceries before reading to the kids at bedtime. [Are you still there?]

It has been a weekend filled with kiddie parties and house errands.

The husband and I did, however, managed to steal time off for a date at &Made, where we read magazines and sipped cocktails whilst devouring burgers. It was quiet and mostly peppered with small chat about inane topics. After that, we went shopping in town. He's in the market for a new watch and I was happy tagging along to see those gorgeous timepieces. It's been a pretty long week single parenting  and I was glad to have him for company.

The next day we had back to back parties. 

At the first one, I had the best time stealing babies for a cuddle, or maybe two. Some people asked if it's because I'm craving for number4 when they saw me doing it! Ah well... I'm certainly not entertaining thoughts on that now. Three kids is quite sufficient at this point. =)
Sooo... babies! I can cuddle those gorgeous kiddos all day. I guess the best part is I could return them to their respective folks and then head home with my three kinda grown up kids. I love how independent they are these days. It's really a good stage of mommyhood. The funny thing is they still like it when you shower them with individual attention, like cuddling up in bed for bedtime stories.

It's always the little moments, isn't it?


  1. i look forward to the time when my kids are independent, yet i'm already missing how small and tiny they were when they first arrived. and the baby scent!

    1. I look at their baby photos once in a while and I miss them being so tiny. Different stages have different perks. So must have fun whilst they r still little.


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