Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Of Crusts and Crumbs

We were having brekkie one morning, after a pretty uninspiring gym session.

I was wolfing down my tuna and egg open faced sandwich when I stared blankly at my plate and realised that I have set aside the bread crusts.

And I laughed as I recalled how my son does the same thing too.

He doesn't eat crusts, not of bread or of pizzas.

Child raising is such a humbling experience. It's funny how these kids absorb our habits and adapt it to their own. It's at it's best when they reiterate the life lessons that you taught them back at you.

As my husband says (often with a chuckle), the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Little Bit of This and That

Boy did I have the biggest Monday blues when this morning rocked up?!

I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me. Still, somehow, I managed to grab a cuppa with the husband and hobbled along to the gym with him early morn, got my mummy duties done, did a session of pilates, dinner and then groceries before reading to the kids at bedtime. [Are you still there?]

It has been a weekend filled with kiddie parties and house errands.

The husband and I did, however, managed to steal time off for a date at &Made, where we read magazines and sipped cocktails whilst devouring burgers. It was quiet and mostly peppered with small chat about inane topics. After that, we went shopping in town. He's in the market for a new watch and I was happy tagging along to see those gorgeous timepieces. It's been a pretty long week single parenting  and I was glad to have him for company.

The next day we had back to back parties. 

At the first one, I had the best time stealing babies for a cuddle, or maybe two. Some people asked if it's because I'm craving for number4 when they saw me doing it! Ah well... I'm certainly not entertaining thoughts on that now. Three kids is quite sufficient at this point. =)
Sooo... babies! I can cuddle those gorgeous kiddos all day. I guess the best part is I could return them to their respective folks and then head home with my three kinda grown up kids. I love how independent they are these days. It's really a good stage of mommyhood. The funny thing is they still like it when you shower them with individual attention, like cuddling up in bed for bedtime stories.

It's always the little moments, isn't it?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Reno Week 4-6

The apartment is slowly taking shape these last fortnight.

Most of the wet works have been completed and my tiler has finished laying the tiles for the kitchen, yard and bathrooms.

My contractor got his men to patch the walls and paint a base coat for the walls. That made such a difference because we've never seen a complete bare wall in this apartment at all. There was that middle wall skirting that was all around the house. I was really happy to see a clean white wall!

The kitchen has started taking its form with the workmen installing the framework. It is looking better than what I envisioned (because, you know, 3D rendering always look better than the actual products). Our kitchen appliances have all been delivered and just waiting to be assembled in the apartment. We also picked out the stoneware that would be installed as a countertop.

The doors have also been painted and we had to install new teak skirting in all the rooms because the ones in there prior were mouldy.

Last weekend, we finally got our act together and went down to select our toilet bowls. Trust us to leave that shittiest (pun intended) task to the last minute. We did our research weeks prior but did you know that toilet bowls range from the cheapest china made ones to the glorious fully automated bidet ones from Japan? I was tempted to go high end but haha! common sense got the better of me and we settled on something in between. (Those warm toilet seats were calling out to me!)

And as I speak, the timber floors have been sanded down and stained these two days. I attempted to check the colour out today but the strong chemical stench kept us from going anywhere near the apartment. (How do these workers do it day in and out?)

So I would say we are about 70% there? The wardrobes are meant to be fabricated this week and hopefully we can get them installed next week. Once that is done, we are about 90% done.

That all being said, it has been a rather smooth process. We did make some changes and so some delay was expected. Along with some minor hiccups like scheduling delays. Hopefully with just the touch ups and minor details to get through at the last phase,we could probably be in there by mid november.I'm not planning to do a last minute move so I'm hoping things will be completed in the next fortnight.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The boy turned seven a week back.


I was rather keen to keep his birthday a little lowkey this year so I promised to take him to Legoland. It really made his day because he's been asking about it since the day it opened.

It's an easy drive in from the second link. All we had to do was to drive through the second exit (312) after crossing the check point. There were plenty of signs to guide us there after.

Despite it being a Sunday, the park was surprisingly not as crowded as I thought. We used a discount voucher which entitled us to a free kid ticket for every adult ticket. The queue was short and soon we found ourselves in the land of colored bricks!

The park was huge and was rather well planned with a number of different themed worlds for little kids to explore. The spaciousness was rather welcoming and the staff were polite and professional. I liked that they were rather conscious about the safety procedures. (which is important when it comes to kiddie activities.)

Are we set?!
The boys wasted no time in getting in line for their rides. We loved how manageable the queue time was. We waited for no more than 20 minutes for most rides. Fortunately, the boys are tall enough to make it for all the rides. (a minimum of 110cm) So poor lil bubba had to sit out most of them. She's only managed to get onto one ride. Poor kiddo!

Just about the only ride for K.
I loved Miniland, in particular. It's made up of the highlights of different countries. The detailing on each model is intricate. I could go on staring at the robotics but lil K was getting a little grouchy so we had to retreat to the airconditioned restaurant to rehydrate them all. (Food sucks, by the way.)

The one section we enjoyed the most was the construction of vehicles. Gosh! I think we spent easily an hour there. Jake was so stoked at the magnitude of bricks available for him that he kept upgrading his car, after sending it for a test race. It's funny seeing how he zooms past me a dozen of times just to perfect his car.

Building his mean machine
In the end, we decided to call it a day at 5 in the arvo. The kids had a good run and were a little tired so we thought it's time to go home. We upgraded our daily passes to an annual one for a  top up. So I guess we will be back sometime soon. =)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tippy Toes

 My little sweet pea has been asking for dance classes for the longest time.

We sent her for a few trial lessons a few months back but she got a little upset when I left the room. I figured that she still wasn't ready at that point and thus stopped all dance lessons.

Lately, she's been telling me that she wants to learn ballet. And so I thought it was time to revisit the idea.

After doing some research, I  managed to find a class that fits into my schedule and so off she went on her first class.

She was all smiles when we got there. Watching her prance into the studio with an eagerly anticipated excitement made me all soft inside. How did my baby grow up so quicky?

There was no fear and she laughed and giggled all throughout the class. She flexed her toes, pointed her feet. Twirled around and skipped around the studio, as told.

It was all very very cute and very adorable. I couldn't have planned for a better session for my baby girl.

And this I believe is the start of her little dance journey.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Bit of Country

It's funny how we enjoy so little of the vast patches of greenery lately. The routines run like a machine and it's mornings like this that makes my heart sing. Nothing like big patches of grass to run around. And a surprise little treat was installed for the kids when we spied a gorgeous spotted horse at the top of the little molehill. What a way to start a day. (And for Mommy to capture some gorgeous pictures too!)

Thursday, October 04, 2012

A New Lil Bean

My darling girlfriend gave birth to the most adorable lil boy last week.

There is nothing like a newborn baby to make one's heart skip a beat.

My kids have been anticipating the arrival of this little one. Every time we meet D, they would give her belly the biggest hug and kisses for little R.

Lil K has been badgering the poor bubba in utero that he should call her ChehCheh when he's out. So when she finally got to see the lil fella, all snugged in his swaddle. She was amused at how tiny he was and insisted that we let her carry him for a bit.

We cannot wait for him to get bigger so that they could all play together. =)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Reno Week 3

And just like that, it's been three weeks since we started the renovation process.

I have been going down daily to see how it progresses and I'm really pleased with the speed that things are happening. My contractor has been rather good with his time management. There are always workers in the apartment fixing or building something. 

This week, all of the electric and plumbing works have been completed. Also, they spent 2 days installing the false ceilings in the living area, master bedroom and toilets. The tiling was also almost completed. (albeit the fact that I've made some changes to the tiles.) 

In fact, most of the time was spent tiling the various areas of the apartment. We spent a lot of time choosing the tiles for the different rooms and seeing them laid out was quite gratifying.

The husband has been quite the lifesaver during this process because he is the go-to man when it comes to the finer details. I'm completely hopeless at it. He is in charge of making decisions for lights, electrical points, plumbing, joinery layouts. Thank God he's handy that way. =p

We visited a few showrooms for sanitaryware and it was really really boring for me. I have zero interest in how intricate the taps are, or choosing sinks, basins, toilet bowls. Fortunately, D chose most of it and whilst I entertain his various comments on the little details of each it, I was just glad he was loving this part more so than me. 

I revelled in choosing the kitchen appliances. We already have quite a full kitchen at the moment. But I LOVED going around looking for ovens and stoves. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) we have limited space in the kitchen. So we have to be smart in how the layout works to our cooking needs. 

In the end, I chose to get our kitchen appliances from Bosch. For one, the service was really good when we visited the showroom. Two, it's highly recommended by a good friend. We loved the designs. D knew that I would want to have the last say in choosing each item so he gave me free reign choosing what I wanted. And boy did I go mad at the showroom. 

I picked out a steam oven,  a conventional oven, 3 domino hobs, an industrial strength hood and because Bosch is having a wonderful promotion celebrating their 50th anniversary, they threw in a food warmer tray too! It's like a kitchen dream come true. I'm gonna spend so much time in there when the apartment is done. The best thing is the total price was very reasonable for what I picked and when the reno is completed, I'll show you guys what I chose.

This coming week,  we should see the tiling completed. The timber company is sending their peeps to install the timber floor. In the meantime, the cupboards and kitchen cabinetry are being built. I am hoping we will be done in 3 weeks, fine tuning included. 

Till the next update!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Elly's Lantern Carnival

When I was growing up, I always look forward to the Mid Autumn festival.

It was always a night where my cousins would gather to play with candles and march around the estate with lanterns. The night would then end with a bunch of sparklers lighting up the darkness.

It was good memories.

This year, Elly hosted the Mid Autumn Carnival last Saturday and lucky us managed to score tickets to it.

Little Kate has many dresses from Elly. I love the whimsical prints and how easy it is to put on. In fact she wears them so often because they are very comfortable.

Between running around for enrichment classes that day and sorting out renovation stuff, we managed to gather the kids in time to go for it. Complete with a last minute lanterns purchase!

Boy were we glad we made it because it was a bunch of good fun and old school games.  We were greeted with a goody bag for each kid. It contained a strip of coupons for the games which included tossing a ring around the bottles, bowling and alphabet fishing. Audrey and Carol certainly didn't spare any details. There was even an ice cream truck parked at the driveway which delighted the kids to no end.

My boys had plenty of fun winning those little prizes. In fact, they were lamenting when they used up all their tickets. Lol!

I was pleasantly surprised to see some of our mommy friends there. And lil Kate managed to finally meet Sean, her classmate in school (albeit in a different session). They were terribly cute standing next to each other when we took a picture. I was just happy to see the gals and cuddle the babies! Catch ups are always great when we are all so busy with our own schedules.

The night was rounded up with a lantern walk around the garden. There was a myriad of lanterns on show that night. Each kid with a different design.

The kids took a group picture to end the night.

Thank you Elly for organizing it! We really had fun and a great time!
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