Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zoom Zoom!

Advertorial - All text and opinions are mine.

Has it already been a year since the F1 cars stormed the streets of Marina Bay?

This time last year, we were busy wandering around the circuit with our boys watching excitedly at the stands as the cars zoom past during the time trials.

So imagine my excitement when my family and I were invited to a Formula1 event that Shell hosted at Spruce.

Shell had joined forces with the LEGO Group to launch a new range of Ferrari Collectibles!

What an awesome idea! My boys are big fans of both the F1 and Lego!

Now if you are an avid fan of F1, like the husband is, you would know that Shell has always been a technical partner with Ferrari. For over 60 years, Ferrari has been synononmous with high performance cars. When the very first Ferrari drove out of the factory gates at Maranello, Italy, it was powered and protected by Shell fuel, lubricants and oils.

Needless to say, that partnership has continued on till today. With many championship trophies in between.

To celebrate the race that is starting tomorrow, Shell has launched a series of 6 lego vehicles.

We were given an early preview of one of the cars and you should've seen how the boys' eyes light up when they were handed a package containing the car parts.

There was a little competition amongst the bloggers and we managed to snag third place. =)

Ta dah! Our finished product.

It was all in all a pretty fun arvo. The kids got to hang out with Andy's kids. =)

In fact, it's started a pretty unhealthy obsession where we are currently stalking the release of new models to add to our collection!

So hurry on down to the nearest Shell petrol station to get yours now, all you have to do is to pump $50 of petrol to purchase one model. A new model is released once every two weeks. Check out the Shell website for more details.

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  1. Nice meeting you and family too, Pam.



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